Sunday, June 14, 2020

100wc #38

Here, where I live there are many animals who have many special talents. Different animals had talents like Monkeys who can sing or Zebras who can dance! One day an Elephant needed help with his upcoming speech that he had to present to his school but he was struggling and asked for my help. Everyday the Elephant came over to my house and I helped him each day till the final day for him to present his speech. One day, after another it became closer to the day but soon enough he was ready.. Then the Elephant delivered his speech.


  1. Dear Evelyn, I really enjoyed reading your 100wc. My favourite part in your story was the awesome hook that you used and it painted awesome picture in my head. Do you like Elephants? Well done keep up the great work! Thanks Annabel

  2. Dear Evelyn, I really liked how you left your work on a clifhanger! Maybe next time try a short sentance somewhere.
    At my school we have speeches coming up. Do you?
    From Anika.

  3. Dear Evelyn,
    Thanks for sharing this imaginative piece of writing. I really liked how the different animals had their own talents.
    Write on!
    Mrs Abena



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